1 Day Trip From Fes To Chefchaouen

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Morocco has been the most visited nation in North Africa in recent years, and it is one of the safest countries in the world, with over 10 million tourists in the past few years. Generally seen as a secure destination and the terrorist attacks are thankfully rare in Morocco compared to France, Belgium, and the UK. As a traveler, you are unlikely to be assaulted or seriously hurt because there is a low level of crime, and the Moroccan government has raised infrastructure investment and security measures to attract more visitors and provide more security

There is really no time of year when you wouldn’t enjoy your trip to Morocco; although you should keep in mind that it tends to get a little too crowded with tourists during the winter holidays season. Then it’s up to you to decide what season suits you the best to come to visit, according to your schedule and preferences. The weather in Morocco is more on the mild side during Spring and Autumn (from March to May and from September to November respectively).

For these reasons, the temperatures could be ranging anywhere from 11° to 32°C. Winter usually lasts from December to February, with a relatively low-temperature range (7° to 21°C). You should also expect to see snowfall in Morocco’s mountainous regions. As for Summer (from June to August), temperatures can land anywhere between 19°C and 40°C in the middle of the day.

Yes! The tours our company offers are all completely private. This will allow experience Morocco the way YOU want to. In addition to that, you will of course be always welcome to request stops along the way during the tours, in order to take memorable photographs (or whatever other reason you want!).

In case you are interested in booking a group desert tour, please go ahead and contact us so as to make a suitable group tour for you.

If you can’t find the exact tour you are looking for withing our tours page, you may check the website’s map or contact us, and we will create a customized Moroccan tour.

The price for each individual person participating in the tours goes lower the more people there are in the group participating.

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1 Day Trip From Fes To Chefchaouen

Exploring the picturesque excellence of the Rif Mountains and Chefchaouen on a whole expedition from Fes. Have on a daily basis outing to Chefchaouen from Fez, and appreciate strolling and exploring the blue city. Chefchaouen or Chaouen may be a prevalent traveler direction because of its vicinity to Tangier and therefore the Spanish enclave of Ceuta. The name alludes to the state of the Mountain best over the town that resembles two horns (Chaouen) of a goat. There are around 200 lodgings taking into consideration the late spring deluge of European travelers.

Go together with us during this northern undertaking to 1 of the simplest Rif Mountains, where our meeting city Chefchaouen, is understood for its engaging quality and removed from the best touristic focuses.

Chefchaouen is known for its buildings, houses, and streets, It’s called so in light of the very fact that its dividers are a combination of blue and white color. The town which has consistently been a most loved goal for guests was founded in 1741. In 1920, the Spanish considered Chefchaouen as a bit of Spanish Morocco, Its people for the foremost part wear a good range of neighborhood hand-made woolen propensities.

Also, the incredible assortment of woven covers denotes the workmanship business, For your pleasure, we’ll have a whole day climbing over the town and a broad outing through the Rif Mountains too. we are going to begin our trip by visiting the Kasbah historical center within the core of the medina, The kasbah may be a reestablished walled mansion that currently contains an astounding nursery, a bit Ethnographic Museum with some panoramic views of an old Chefchaouen-like plaza and kasbah.

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